Healthy Habits Connected Health accelerator has been transformed into Health2B. Based in Lund - center of the most exciting health- and mobile cluster in Europe. Applications and new batches, see:

About Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits was already during 2015 transformed into Health2B. To evolve and to provide a better accelerator program and product and to make everything clearer and easier, we incorporated ourselves with Lund Life Science Incubator and changed the name of the accelerator to Health2B. Applications for the Health2B batches can, therefore, be found at:

You may call it digital health, e-health, mobil health, Medtech, Telehealth, Internet of Things, Wearables, Life Log, Big Data, Bio Hacking, Welltech or Quantified Self – the goal is the same: to Improve the wellbeing and health of people. We help entrepreneurs build both impactful health products and their own capabilities by leveraging our own expertise and the shared strength of peers. We offer a complete ecosystem designed to expedite product development, including funding, coaching, mentoring, multi-discipline problem solving, great workspace, and access to investors. Health2B is based in Lund, Sweden at Medicon Village in partnership with Lund Life Science Incubator (LSI) and in close proximity to the Biomedical Centre (BMC) at Lund’s University, Ideon Science ParkEuropean Spallation Source (ESS), Maxlab IV laboratory, and Mobile Heights.

Our goal is to build a sustainable health ecosystem for the future, ideally, by combining your smart and valuable digital health business ideas with well selected patient and customer needs. We are positioned to be the regional center for value creation in the category by combining our best capabilities with those of our partners to help you quickly develop products and bring them to market.

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Healthy Habits – Help build the future for our children.



The starting engine for new business. Startup Studio focus on innovation and growth. We help organisations to act and move with the speed of a startup and we also organise open innovation competitions and events.


Develops Sweden’s innovation capacity for sustainable growth and benefiting society. The national contact agency for the EU framework programme for research and innovation.


Analyses the sport and health sector for companies and municipals to help gain an understanding of the benefits and problems of a thriving sport and health sector.​ IEC supports implementations of new strategies in the sport and health sector.


Almi’s vision is to create opportunities for all viable ideas and companies to be developed. We offer advisory services, loans and venture capital through all phases of the establishment of a business – from idea to successful company.


Lund Life Science Incubator helps entrepreneurs and early stage companies in the life sciences develop and commercialize new ideas. We provide coaching for early phase management teams and offer qualified advice in finance, business development and product development.


At Medicon Village we offer an environment where research, innovation and entrepreneurship work together to create value for people’s health and wellbeing.

Who Is

Behind the scene


Stefan Mossberg Accelerator manager

Stefan’s background is in sports science and marketing and a career built on a great passion for sports, personal health and sports medicineHe brings valuable experience in entrepreneurship, concept development, events, marketing and brand building. He has successfully started, grown and operated companies and departments within the ICT sector, for example in IT/Web, events and advertising, sports and health industries.

Erik Starck CEO Lean Forward

CEO at Lean Forward (, help enterprises and entrepreneurs launch awesome new products and make them grow. Started his first company in 1998 (exit in 2000) and has been in love with entreprenurship since then. Has spent the last few years organising events for startups, including the Startup Dojo in Malmö. M.Sc. Software Engineering (1999).

Peter Berggren Co-founder Lean Forward

Startup Coach. Co-funder of Lean Forward ( Passion for people and creative environments. A long time UX & Human Computer Interaction specialist, and as such a passionate practitioner & believer of strategic experimentation, customer development & experience design. Has a few startups behind him, both as CEO & co-founder.