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About Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits was already during 2015 transformed into Health2B. To evolve, in order for us to develop the program, we needed access to larger facilities and access to a wider and more comprehensive network. To grow and provide a more complex accelerator program and product, we incorporated ourselves with Lund Life Science Incubator and Medicon Village and by then changed the name of the accelerator to Health2B. Applications for the Health2B batches can, therefore, be found at:  www.health2b.life.

You may call it digital health, e-health, mobil health, Medtech, Telehealth, Internet of Things, Wearables, Life Log, Big Data, Bio Hacking, Welltech or Quantified Self – the goal is the same: to Improve the wellbeing and health of people. We help entrepreneurs build both impactful health products and their own capabilities by leveraging our own expertise and the shared strength of peers. We offer a complete ecosystem designed to expedite product development, including funding, coaching, mentoring, multi-discipline problem solving, great workspace, and access to investors. Health2B is based in Lund, Sweden at Medicon Village in partnership with Lund Life Science Incubator (LSI) and in close proximity to the Biomedical Centre (BMC) at Lund’s University, Ideon Science ParkEuropean Spallation Source (ESS), Maxlab IV laboratory, and Mobile Heights.

Our goal is to build a sustainable health ecosystem for the future, ideally, by combining your smart and valuable digital health business ideas with well selected patient and customer needs. We are positioned to be the regional center for value creation in the category by combining our best capabilities with those of our partners to help you quickly develop products and bring them to market.

We welcome you to join our next accelerator batch. APPLY at  www.health2b.life


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